AU idea: Four psychopathic serial killers target one city for their next set of victims. The death toll reaches a peaking point in this city and the only knowledge police has is this; The Incubus, a sly crook who seduces his prey and gradually abuses their bodies to the point of death, sometimes not even releasing their bodies until having his fill of sexual encounters with their corpse; The Cannibal, a sloppy murderer who leaves trails of his prey’s body parts, generally leaving out the brain and heart but consumes most, if not, all of the body; The Barbie Collector, victims have reported being forced into relationships and playing “roles” of her pleasing and, if not satisfied, they’d be tortured and brainwashed into their correct roles; The Toy Breaker, many police force assume this cruel monster is associated with the Barbie Collector, having performed horrendous acts of tortures straight out of a horror movie.

Don’t be surprised if I begin writing short stories/drawing more stuff for this.

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