dexxl asked:
"Will you be drawing more regular show stuff? Because your version are cute!"


i love the show a lot and i wanna bust out more art for it for sure

sassmassacre asked:
"*whispers* everything you draw comes out looking so cuuute"

-touches your face-

thank yooooooou

some mordecai/benson things i drew while i was on my hiatus

new episode of regular shoooow~


original character for an original story im making. still need to make up names #bigbusinesslittlesales #drawing #illustration


original character for an original story im making. still need to make up names #bigbusinesslittlesales #drawing #illustration

Anonymous asked:
"In Cassette Cecil had stated that he didn't have a bro"

he stated he doesnt remember having a brother. the reason i say cecil’s brother in cassettes could be transgender is because cecil doesnt seem to remember much during his childhood and teenage years. its possible his brother could have been identifying as a woman at the time and after the attack cecil believes his brother was biologically a female

or at least its just an idea

the-lies-afterall asked:
"I'm pretty sure it's Cecil's sister not brother who's married to Steve because Cecil said something like "when their mother is out of town and can't teach their child how to sell cookies" and sorry I can't remember the exact quote. Either way Steve is such a useless jerk. :/"

well ye, but it doesnt knock off the possibility cecil’s brother from cassettes could currently be transgender (especially seeing how palmer respects pronoun changes considering megan). or maybe he does actually have a sister, cecil doesnt seem to talk a lot about his family so who knows

Anonymous asked:
"*shy tumblr user activates anon powers* Holy shit, your Cecilos art is so perf I can't even. Do you mind if people write fanfics to your art/headcanons, provided they link back to said art/headcanons? *scurries away under a rock*"

feel free to man!

i would love to see and read anything that comes up! 

sassmassacre asked:
"okay, but can we talk about cecil and carlos babysitting janice? carlos teaching janice science? carlos giving janice piggyback rides, JANICE CALLING CARLOS UNCLE CARLOS EVENTUALLY, AND CARLOS NOT KNOWING HOW TO DEAL WITH IT?? *BREATHES* ok but rly maybe i'm just having too much fun thinking of janice and carlos being friends, and picking on cecil, or cecil and janice picking on carlos, ALL OF THE CUTE"

dreams do come true

Anonymous asked:
"So i was thinking. Maybe steve isn't Cecil's brother-in-law.During The Librarian Cecil is reading horoscopes. For each horoscope, he picks a single audience member to point to and address directly. part way through Scoprio he gets aggressive and randomly declares how much he hates Steve who we now assume is scorpio. maybe Cecil is mad at Janice's father and redirects his rage at steve for not buying cookies. "no thanks to you, steve" could just mean steve didn't buy cookies. just a thought."


you do have a point there. but then again, fink does make this tweet:


im PRETTY sure he’s referring to the episode and how people are like “CECIL AND STEVE BROTHER N LAAAAAAW MAYBE?????”

but i do see your point! cecil could just be accusing the first person he hates which is usually steve (strex at a close second). he does tend to direct any negative things directly to steve just because fuck that guy