Anonymous ASKED: I know you have probably been asked before but do you do commissions at all? If you have said it somewhere before I apologize. It's sort of hard to look when you are using a mobile device.

i really have every intention on opening up for commission. its honestly my fault for not placing the information yet or preparing it

im sorry

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Anonymous ASKED: If you had to do it with a man, would you rather bottom or top? I'd like to know for later tonight~


Later tonight??? What do you m-mean by that?!!!

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daftalchemist ASKED: Kevin eating strexpets whole is one of the best headcanons to come out of this fandom, just so you know


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can you draw keevin saying “snacks”? :3c
i improvised
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whenever people recommend me as an artist they always default to saying my material is “cute” and i honestly think thats the best thing ever

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i hope probably trashed luciano’s personality but i don’t care cause he’s beautiful

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nekos-ejournal ASKED: Samuel, you're so adorable! I wish you'd post more pictures of yourself, I'd love to draw you sometime.
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Security Bot at work

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luc and danny for nami #illustration #sketch


luc and danny for nami #illustration #sketch

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StrexCorp takes much pride in its creations. There are so many useful inventions which make us work far more efficiently. Take example our new security system. Our new biomachine, Model 0250, is created for security purposes. While granting him a program to adapt from observation, there is also a setting which makes him an efficient defense machine. No questions ask, no opinions needed to be heard. Just say the word and he’ll defend you with his very biomechanical life.

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