Hey there Cecil
What’s it like in Night Vale City?
I’m a thousand dimensions away
But this morning you look so pretty.

cecilos fun

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Anonymous ASKED: i went out recently n i realized i accidentally kinda sorta closet cosplayed samuel oops



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Anonymous ASKED: Imagine if someone cosplayed as your cybervale cecil with a fully techno functional helmet and such. And they took pictures with daft punk

id prolly cry to be honest

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new cover for my phone cause im in desperate need of some good vibes

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Anonymous ASKED: Honey, you know your character is well loved in the Night Vale community when it gets a loaf counter part! I am so excited for you (and samuel)!

-covers face and blush-

i just dont know what to say!!!

its such an honor!!!

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Anonymous ASKED: "They're not pink! They're a lightish red!"
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ARTIST: themonsterghost
TRACK: Sammy's Dad
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figuring out josh’s color palette was the biggest bitch ever. mostly because i couldnt decide whether i wanted red or a lime green. anyways, here’s joshua, felt like drawing his own mobile model.

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Anonymous ASKED: Why does your art, irregardless of what character, make me squeal like a maniac. What sort of dark magic do you control?

Its actually pixaie dust.

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Anonymous ASKED: I've seen pictures of you flattered, blushing, as well as acting confused and panicked. Do you actually FEEL these things? Or is that how you're programmed to react? (No shame if you don't feel it:) I'm just curious.)




…Please excuse me.  I have to go put my head down on my desk and count to ten because I had no idea you were borrowing my lab coat to do something that cute.

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